Explore Boston On Foot

One of the best things about Boston is that most of its vibrant culture and rich heritage can be experienced for free. For visitors on a budget, there are plenty of cheap things to be enjoyed here. Did you know that the history of Boston is thoroughly intertwined with the history of America and its evolution? This city was founded by Puritan colonists from Europe in the 17th century. From being a devout Catholic settlement, Boston came a long way to playing an important part in the American Revolution and even housing the first school and college (Harvard) of the country. If these facts do not get the history buff in you excited, I recommend you try one of these walking tours which is sure to leave you fascinated with how much depth and story there is to this city.
The Best Free Walking Tours in Boston
·         Free Tours by Foot: This is easily one of the biggest free walking tours of the city. Every time you take this tour, it feels like you have learnt something new. Seen something you had not noticed on the city before. With a variety of tours on offer for every type of tourist, I recommend the Freedom Trail tour or the edgier Beacon Hill Crime tour.
·         GPS My City: If a guided tour with a bunch of people is not really your thing, this is the walking tour for you. This app is as good as a personal guide and lets you explore the city as per your pace. You can even pick and choose from the dozens of routes offered to design your own tour an see exactly what you want to.

The Best Paid Walking Tours in Boston

If taking a walking tour is your thing and you are willing to invest some time and money for an in-depth understanding of the city, these are some good options for you.
·         Context Travel: This tour company is famous for providing comprehensive walking tours of the history, food, and culture of different cities around the world, and their Boston tour is no exception. All the guides are experts and are sure to provide you with the most informative and entertaining experience.
·         Cambridge Historical Tours: This company is known for its tours which are a great blend of information and entertainment; and are going to provide you with the most enriching walking tour of Boston ever. The guides are great, and the prices are reasonable for group bookings. You can try their famous evening Ghost Tour.
Now that we have listed down the best walking tours for all budgets, which one are you going to pick on your next trip to Boston?